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Visiting Italy's Leather Capital

Welcome to a short, visual article about Scuola del Cuoio. It literally means "Leather School" and you will find it in the true fashion and design capital of Italy. That's right, I spent a few days in Florence and wanted to show you what you are missing. Next week, I will follow up with another visual guide to Stefano Bemer's flagship store. Ready?!

Anybody Asked For A Tailor?

Suit alterations are the most common extra costs that occur when you buy tailored clothing off the rack. In today's article I will discuss the most common Suit Alterations, their usual cost as well as alterations that are impossible, tough or simply not advised. Whether you are tailoring a full suit, jacket, trousers or shirts, this guide is for you. Let's begin!

Back With Another Interview I always had great respect for Aubercy Shoes from the moment my favorite journalists spoke about them. You can imagine my happiness when I actually reached out to them and they agreed to answer my interview questions! This article took a longer time than anticipated, but I am very excited it's finally here. Both you and me will find out

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